Ascó treasures

Ascó conceals valuable treasures forged throughout the history of the village. To visit Ascó means to discover them, as in each corner we find small wonders which tell us about the importance of the village both in earlier days and nowadays: its culture, traditions and landscape.

The most important treasure, shared with the rest of the Ebro valley, is the Ebro River, which has contributed to the economic and social development of Ascó right up to the present day. The Ebro has been the scene of and taken part in the social, cultural and economic changes experienced by the village. The river allowed for agricultural development, because of its navigability, promoting fluvial commerce and favouring Andalusian and Christian occupations, along with the development of the current energy industry.

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In Ascó there is place for the patrimonial treasures inherited as a consequence of the passage of different people and cultures in the village.

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Ascó’s natural treasures are headed by the Ebro River, along with other really important natural spaces like l’Illa de l’Ebre, el Pas de l’Ase or the mountain range of Pàndols i Cavalls.

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Currently, Ascó is one of the main producers of energy in Spain, which has changed the economic and social geography of the village and of the region.