Cultural treasure

In Ascó there is place for the patrimonial treasures inherited as a consequence of the passage of different people and cultures in the village.

Ascó is located in a strategic position in the Catalan Ebro, towering over the Ebro River and in the very middle of a great fluvial plain hemmed in by two passages or straits, el Pas de l’Ase and el Pas del Llop d’Andisc. This strategic position favoured the occupation of different people like the Iberians and the Romans. It was not until the Middle Ages onwards that Ascó obtained a major role, first with the Muslim occupation and later on with the occupation of the Templars and the Catalan Counts.

This cultural treasure symbolises the passage and the cohabitation of different cultures that left a very rich patrimonial and cultural heritage that nowadays forms part of our traditions and customs as a people.

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