Energy treasure

Once more, the natural and geographical resources, with the Ebro River at the front, play a leading role in the social and cultural development in Ascó. These elements favoured the installation of the Ascó nuclear plant, but also the installation of wind farms, which constitute the energy treasure of Ascó.

The installation of the nuclear plant marks a milestone in the economy of the region, by increasing the work generation capacity and also boosting the quality of life of the inhabitants of the Ribera d’Ebre region and the neighbouring regions. La Ribera d’Ebre has changed from a mainly agricultural region to an industrial region with a contribution to the Catalan GDP above the regional average in Catalonia.

In conclusion, the Ribera d’Ebre, along with the Baix Camp, is the Catalan region at the forefront of energy production in Catalonia being thus the energy motor of the country.



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