On foot through the municipality of Ascó

Ascó has many different sign-posted hiking routes which allow us to enjoy the landscape and be in contact with nature. Among the routes which let us to discover Ascó landscapes we find the Mas de Prades – Xarcums route and the Sirga Trail or GR-99.

Mas de Prades - Xarcums

This route crosses the most mountainous zone of Ascó, on the right bank of the Ebro. It climbs up the Pàndols i Cavalls mountain range and allows us to enjoy some impressive panoramic views of the Ascó valley and el Pas de l’Ase.

Without leaving the municipality and through a marked track to the south of the village, we cross the gullies of Forn Teuler and dels Xarcums to climb la Vall de Cigales and enjoy some fabulous panoramic views from la Punta de l’Àliga. Following the itinerary we get to the location of the mas de Prades where there is an area arranged for picnicking and camping. On our way back we can cross the district of el Pla de l’Ovella, where the Pitó olive tree is located, a millennium tree with an amazing tree top and trunk.




Camí de Sirga o GR-99

Have you ever practised hiking by the great Ebro River? Now, with the GR-99 –Ebro Nature Trails, which connect all the Ebro Valley you can discover the most special corners of the riverside landscapes.

The trail follows the Ebro River course from its source to its mouth, almost 1.150 kilometres divided in 59 stretches of 20km crossing the autonomous regions of Cantabria, Castile-León, La Rioja, The Basque Country, Navarre, Aragón and Catalonia. The enhancement of the GR-99 was encouraged by the main groups in hiking in Spain, who named the route the Ebro Nature Trails.

In les Terres de l’Ebre the GR-99 is known as the Sirga Trail. From old, the waters of the Ebro have been sailed by different civilisations that settled there: the Iberians, the Romans, the Moors, the Saracens, the Christians… Usually the vessels navigated propelled by the river currents and the winds. Otherwise, the help of beasts of burden and sirgadors was needed, strong men that used ropes from the riverbanks to pull the vessels loaded with merchandise upstream.

In the Ribera d’Ebre we find 3 stages from the total 42, one of which passes through the municipality of Ascó, specifically stage 38, connecting Flix with Móra d’Ébre.

Without doubt, this is a good option for getting to know the river and our small region. Are you up for it? More information at the Tourist Office in Ascó or at the website: